About Us

We are a family team with over 12 years of experience in card processing and merchant services to help your businesses grow.

If you are looking for the pricing, equipment, and marketing services to grow your business, we are here to help. We are a team of certified experts with tremendous experience who’ll walk with you throughout the process.

Our Core Values

– Committed to delivering the best
– Honest and transparent pricing
– We care for your business just like ours
– Keep learning and adapting to new technologies

What Our Clients Say

We switched to ClymbPayments when we adopted their Business Platform in April. We take payments through our website, in person, and over the phone. We have had no issues or downtime, and we have saved $16,000 from our Costco rates with Elavon.

Got to say, Clymb is the best. They helped us out of our exisiting lease and reduced our costs significantly. I thought our rate was good before, but damn.

I like that our rate is the same no matter what. Compared to our Stripe account, our costs are now 66% lower. I feel less violated when working with Clymb.

The owner called me back at 10PM, because he saw a ticket come through. Our processing went down at our booth, during EDC, and he helped us remotely fix it in 8 minutes. Then introduced himself in person, 2 minutes later when he finally got through the crowd. I had no idea he was there. He fixed it from the cloud, through his phone, in the middle of 50,000 screaming people and loud music.

Have a Project in mind?

We can help you bring your ideas to life. Let’s talk about what we can build and raise together.